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leaders create

a powerful
ripple effect.

What ripples are you creating?


Great leaders don’t just lead; they inspire and ignite greatness across the board.

At Etultra, we work with leaders, managers and transitioners to bring about lasting, positive and impactful change for themselves, their teams and their businesses.

Our mission is simple: to empower leaders to build thriving businesses and high-performing teams that we all want to be a part of.

Grow your business

Develop a clear vision, harness your team's strengths and boost confidence to win more business and attract the best clients. Delivering exceptional results will become your standard, ensuring a strong bottom line and long-term commercial success.

Reduce costs and boost retention

Reduce recruitment, training and absenteeism costs, while enhancing talent retention and attracting new high performers. By investing in your team’s growth and development, you’ll develop better leaders and create an environment where top talent thrives and chooses to stay.

team performance

Increase employee happiness, optimise team satisfaction and drive exceptional results by enabling better line management and leadership skills that positively cascade throughout your teams and beyond.

Deliver the best bottom line

By developing a clear vision, optimising your teams and building better leaders, you’ll retain your best people, attract new clients and win more business. Allowing you to achieve sustainable growth and enviable results.

Work with me


We help leaders build successful businesses and teams through leadership and high-performance coaching.

Lead Well: Thrive for Leaders

Are you a founder, CEO, or part of a leadership team looking to take your business to the next level? Our intensive 6-month program empowers you to set your vision, lead with confidence and drive your business towards success. With tailored guidance and support, you’ll elevate your individual potential as a leader and deliver the results you want.

Ideal for:

Founders, CEOs, leadership and management teams.

Lead Well: Boost for Managers

Do you have top talent and rising stars that you want to see excel? Our targeted 90-day coaching program is specifically designed to elevate the performance of managers and high-potential employees. Through personalised coaching, we'll help them develop the skills they need to become exceptional leaders who deliver exceptional results.

Ideal for:

Leaders, managers, high-potential talent.


Lead Well: Bloom for Transitioners

Stepping into a new role or returning after an absence can be challenging. Our one-off coaching program is strategically tailored to help individuals excel in their new roles and navigate any transitions seamlessly.  With personalised support, we’ll ensure your talent hit the ground running and excel in their new role.  

Ideal for:

Those in a new role, new in the business or returning from an absence.

What my clients are saying

“Jules is a leader who empowers teams and fosters a very strong team spirit. Her role coaching, supporting, and developing others to grow is a real joy to watch"


Executive Director

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